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Cosmetics are products that are intended to be applied on skin in order to protect, to improve its look and to contribute to its well-being.

Our societal expectations, whether rational or not, condition research and development; the "do it yourself" trend has an impact on formulation and safety. Moreover, naturalness is at the heart of innovation and is a crying societal demand.

Lipids represent a significant part of the matter of all living organisms, and they play a key role both in their metabolism and in their structures, especially in the composition of cell membranes.

Lipids and their derivatives ensure skin hydration and form a protective barrier against external elements. Deficiencies in cutaneous lipids cause significant discomfort, which may develop into serious skin diseases.

About 70% of the raw materials used in cosmetics (mainly in emulsions, oleogels and lipsticks) are lipids (plant oils, fatty acids and alcohols, etc.) and derivatives (emollients, emulsifiers). They are participating to the stability of emulsions and creaming performances, contributing to a long-term emollience and appealing of the products on the skin.

Today, lipids, their nutrients and derivatives used in cosmetic formulations, are from different origins (oleaginous plants or exotics, fruits stones or pips, biotechnology and fermentation…) and must comply with new environmental regulations.

Innovation in the field of lipids is becoming a major issue for the industry of cosmetics that is constantly evolving, using raw materials obtained by following the most environmentally friendly and secure procedures, which are regulated every step of the way, to guarantee consumers the highest levels of quality, effectiveness and safety.

Such innovations are often the fruit of long-standing partnerships between public laboratories and private companies.

For this second meeting, the French region of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the French Institute of lipids (ITERG) and the competitiveness cluster Cosmetic Valley would be delighted to welcome you to Bordeaux on the 29th and 30th of January 2020, to either showcase or discover the latest research initiatives and innovations being made in the fields of eco conception and lipid formulation.


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